Criminal Law

Criminal Law

Criminal law deals with area of law where a person is accused of a crime and charged by the state or federal government. Criminal defense lawyers represent clients accused of crimes and the prosecutors and district attorneys represent the state or the federal government in the prosecution of those accused of the crimes. Criminal defense lawyers help defend the client accused of committing a crime ranging from small offenses such as shoplifting from stores to serious crimes as assault and battery or drug trafficking.

It is important that a defendant seek the advise of an experienced criminal defense attorney to really look at all the facts of the case, reviewing the evidence, handling the proper paperwork and all options of possible defense to prevent or minimize a criminal conviction.

Common Criminal Law Topics:

* Criminal defense

* Constitutional Right to Due Process

* Arrest Warrant

* Abuse

* Assault and Battery

* Restraining order

* Fraud

* Trafficking

* Homicide

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