Employment Law

Employment Law

Employment and labor law deals with the legal rights of employees and employers. An employment lawyer can help with making sure that businesses and

companies are complying with state laws and federal employment laws. They also deal with showing businesses with appropriate employment policies and

procedures and reducing their risk of employment litigation, and employment responsibilities of the employee and the employer regarding work related disputes.

Employment lawyers can also protect workers or employees when their rights are being violated at work. Employment lawyers can help with disputes regarding

wages, unlawful termination, workplace injury, employee benefits, harassment at work, discrimination based on age, gender, race, and disabilities. Employment

and labor lawyers can represent, an employee, group of employees, a union, business or organization, government workers, or a government agency among


Some of the common Topics related to Employment Law:

* Wages – How much an employee is to be paid and when

* Employment Discrimination

* Workplace Harassment

* Employment Benefits

* Unemployment Benefits

* Wrongful Termination

* Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

* Workers Compensation – Compensation an employer is required to pay when employee is out of work due to injury caused during work.

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