Immigration Law

Immigration Law

US Immigration Law deals with legal issues regarding foreign nationals who come to the United States either temporarily or on a permanent basis. An immigration lawyer can help with the application processes and the procedures involved in bringing an employee of a company or a family member into the United States from another country. Some of the common issues an immigration lawyer can help you include student visas, tourist visas, working visas for foreign nationals, applying for (green cards) for permanent residency and the citizenship and the naturalization procedures.

Common Topics related to immigration law:
· Asylum/ Refugee – Requirements to qualify for asylum/refugee status
· Work Visas – Working in the US as a foreign national sponsored by
· Student Visas – Studying in the US
· Tourist Visas – Visiting the US
· Green Cards and Permanent Resident Status – Applying through employment or family
· Green Card – Through Investment in the US
· US Citizenship – Eligibility and the naturalization process

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